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            Employee birthday party
            You are the reader Date of publication:2018-05-05 

                The two-month birthday party of employees comes as expected, Enter the court, there are many foods on the table such as snacks, candy and fruits. The entire site is dotted with fancy balloons and colorful hanging ornaments. In the surround of the birthday theme song, the atmosphere is unusually warm.

                At the right time, the birthday stars come together to enter, sign in, make a wish, sit down...

                This birthday party had a game session: ping pong across obstacles. The enthusiastic birthday stars quickly ignited the atmosphere of the scene. Xie Zhenxin, Cheng Xianming, and Xie Youjun stood out in the cheers of the audience. During the game, the sweet and delicious cakes and tangy noodles were rushed to the audience to capture their attention. The WeChat circle of friends has always followed the activities and ended up when they won the first and harvested beautiful gifts.

                The whole birthday party was full of laughter, the atmosphere filled with food smell, the venue filled with vibrant atmosphere. At the end of the departure, each person's face was filled with a satisfied smile.

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