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            International Trade Department
            You are the reader Date of publication:2009-04-18 

                It is determined that Castle Peak is not relaxed, and the founder is in the rock. Thousands of Millimeters are still tenacious, and nobody care north and south winds.” This ancient saying is praised by the “bamboo” for its persevering spirit. When the spring breeze brush layers of green clothes, it shakes the thick green yarn in the midsummer. You is still green and laughing, and you laughs in the wind, rain, and snow. Bamboo, with its spring that never disappears, represents a spirit that is fresh, fresh, full of vitality, and vigorous.

            In a company with such a special group, they are just like bamboo incarnations. Their personality power is as evergreen bamboo, calm, passionate and tough. All of them are from the Ministry of International Trade. They are of a special nature of work. Special job requirements have made them outstanding.

                The nature of the International Trade Department is very different from other functional departments of the company. First of all, direct contact with customers has kept her at the forefront of the work. The department needs a deep understanding of the changes in the market and the requirements of the customers. The work is cumbersome and requires careful attention. Second, from the image level, the international trade department largely represents the company's image and reflects the corporate culture of the company. Since customer representatives mainly deal with customers, their words and deeds, work efficiency, and work style all reflect the company's principles and style. Thirdly, the international trade department is a bridge between the company and its clients. The client communicates with the international trade department to understand the company's operations and cultural purposes. The company’s products and services are brought to market through the work of the International Trade Department. At the same time, all kinds of information of markets and customers are also transmitted to other departments within the company through the analysis and research of the international trade department. From this point of view, the international trade department is the link between the company and its customers.

                Based on these characteristics, the customer representatives of the International Trade Department are required to have principles when doing things, but they can handle things flexibly; they must be responsible and responsible, always behave with a smile, they should not be bothered and dry, and can listen to different customers. Opinions (including good and bad); For the occurrence of emergencies, we must be able to calm down; We must also have the ability to communicate, to work, to coordinate, to work, to work, and to be able to withstand tremendous work pressure.

                In order to better develop the market, the international trade department adopts a regional responsibility system. The entire market is divided into six regions: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, West Asia, and East Asia. It is planned by department managers. The regional manager leads the business representatives to carry out in-depth digging of various markets. Therefore, this requires that all members of the department should fully cooperate with each other and coordinate with each other; assignments of work tasks should be clearly defined, work must be performed in accordance with the normative business processes; and in order to avoid recurring problems, work inspections must be conducted and corresponding conclusions made.

                Although the work is trivial and complicated, the members of the international trade department who have grown up in the training will always create a lively and relaxed working atmosphere. They will be able to perform their tasks in a “low-pressure” situation, briskly and without losing their rigorous job. 

                The international trade department is like a ship sailing in the sea, under the unified command of the captain of the wisdom, and the brave crew members are making concerted efforts. Everyone plays an important role in this ship. This ship will carry all the dreams of China Resources Motor's people, let China Resources Motor to the world and go global.

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