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            ACHR Summer Badminton Competition in 2016
            You are the reader Date of publication:2016-08-22 

                ACHR 2016 Summer Badminton Competition 2016 was successfully held on the first floor of the administrative building of the A109 factory area from July 21st to 22nd, 2016.

                The game is divided into men's singles, women's singles, using three games and two wins. Each game decides the ranking of the matches in turn through the qualifiers, semi-finals and finals. The players in the arena were struggling hard and striving for the first place. Their skills were fully utilized. After two days of fierce competition, the badminton match ended on July 22, 2016.

            The list of winners is as follows:


            The First Prize     Men's singles project Zhejiang Huirun Technology six department Zhang Kuizhi

            Female Single Project Zhejiang Huirun Mold Center Du Juan

            The Second Prize  Men's Singles Project Zhejiang Huirun Technology third department Pan Feifan

            Women's Singles Project Huirun Electrical Machinery Human Resources Department Zhang Qingfen

            The Third Prize   Men's Singles Project Huirun Electrical Machinery Technical Information Room Huang Qinpeng

            Women's Singles Project Zhejiang Huirun Technology six department Chen Ruyi

            The success of this event has enriched the staff's spare time, demonstrated the youthful vitality of the staff, enhanced the cohesiveness of the staff, promoted the friendship among the staff, and created a corporate atmosphere of endeavor, hard work, solidarity and mutual assistance.

            Front row: Zhang Kuizhi (first from left), Pan Feifan (second from left), Zhang Qingfen (third from left), Du Juan (third from right), Chen Ruyi (second from right), Huang Qinpeng (first from right)

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