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            This life is not old, walk alone
            You are the reader Date of publication:2016-09-29 

                The life is ordinary, the work is busy, and at the night, I always choose to walk around. The inside of the pocket is only adorned with my favorite mp3, and the earphone is still familiar, comfortable and gentle music. It is pure land for me in the noisy city that makes my thoughts clear.

            In recent months, I have often lost my temper with my friends. I often feel anxious because of various reasons. The reasons are different, but they are similar. They are those that I want but are not satisfactory, such as a more comfortable working environment, more superior living conditions, and more perfect end of love...

            I often ask myself unconsciously. Is my work attitude the most correct? Is there a deposit? Did you really pay it? I think these should be the focus of my anxiety. It is definitely not a bowl of soup that can be treated with me. Then I calm down and perform a major operation on myself.

            I have always felt that I am more fortunate. I have more room to think about doing what I like. Ordinary born people always understand the sequence of success. Practical footprints are the foundation of success. Such a footstep can get out of future confidence and accomplishments.

            These principles have already understood too much. When I was children be taught psychological education, and the subtle influences around them, all kinds of famous aphorisms were just words that were deliberately kneaded. Everyone understands but few people can really do it. I belong to the kind of person who only understands. Knowing is just useless which like understanding that smoking is harmful to health, and fried and preserved foods cause cancer, cosmetics are not good for the skin. People tend to be collapsed not only intellect by all kinds of temptations.

            I must be amazed at my past resilience. Yesterday's deep bones and inscriptions, my own plans and commitments were heart-wrenching, and I felt that I had lost my vitality and water chestnuts, and my morale had long since been wiped clean. Must admit that people are inert, and there is the excuse of the evasion for a thousand or even ten thousand kinds of it?

            Do not complain about unfair fate, all happiness is to rely on struggle by oneself. So you can't wait any longer, leaving you in a hurry for decades to get rid of life's trivialities and how much time can you spare for your hard work? Almost is a waste of time to complain. The most terrible thing is that if you are not careful, you are old. It feels like you have grown up now. If one is really old, he still sighs and still regrets is what kind of sad and crazy scene he has. My state of mind is not broad-minded, even paranoid, and I can't even tolerate the lack of temperature in my own words and even cannot tolerant of such self. What you want to do, what you want, chase it from now on, or run or walk, but don't stop.

            Because of youth, there are infinite possibilities for too many blank spaces in life. Regardless of the current life, if you choose to work hard in the city, you should stick to it and don’t live up to your own. Since we choose to float in the sea, we will inevitably face dislocation and confusion. At the same time, I hope that I and old friend in different cities can have the courage to fight hard, and they must also be convinced. Believe that if you try to see at least your heart, then it's worth it.

             Before going to sleep in the night, I would say "Goodnight" to the still-quiet city. I must also say to me "Thank you for your hard work," "No thanks, good night."

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