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            Accompanying is the longest confession
            You are the reader Date of publication:2016-10-11 

                In this world of love and emotions, companionship is the longest confession. It is like the famous saying in love: Accompany until world is over and life is over, and it's also like a silent confession in your family: You grew up with me, I stay with you grow old, in all life, I care for you, and it is also like a brotherhood in importance of loyalty and friendship: Like a glass of wine, like an old song, you say walking away and walking away, rush to Kyushu with full of enthusiasm…There is showing the company.

            Love someone, you will accompany her through the whole of life, face all the hardships. Those who can only say sweet words and put love on their lips will not really love you that they are away from you when you are seriously ill or the most difficult! People who love you are always at your side, no matter how you are. Maybe he wouldn't say sweet words, and even wood wouldn't make you happy to talk nice words to you, but he can always be with you when you need him. Imagine if you didn't even have such a one, you wouldn't know how to cherish it, and you would be struggling to pursue those who gave you sweet talk and romance. If one day, he will only say that dear He has escaped, and when alone and helpless, you will understand that the person who is unknown to you is the most worthy, and that time is too late. So for those girls who always think of Prince Charming, they should keep their eyes open. The most important thing is to accompany them! For those married, do not always complain about his wife or husband, only he/she is one who loves you mostly in the world, those who called dear may not be as good as you think as your wife or husband!

                Home is a gentle harbor, a gathering place for feelings, dreams, love and miracles. Grandparents’ love, parents' meticulousness, brothers and sisters help each other. This kind of warm and happy picture is full of countless days and nights to wholeheartedly accompany! Parents are full of fortunes forever, and as we grow older, fewer and fewer days can be spent with our parents. So don’t use any excuse to ignore parents’ feelings. When you are free, go back to them. Even if you don't have anything to do, chat with them and your parents are happy too! Grandparents have been dizzy with old eyes, but when he sees you, the happiness is overwhelming that their eyes are kind and keep watching. They can't hear what you say but they are still listening to with the attention. The amiable grandparents, the time just slow! At this moment, you will be moved, you will cry, everything is still there, or you will be regret when they are away. The eldest brother is a father and the eldest sister is a mother. Affection is the most primitive and precious feeling. Blood is thicker than water. When they grow up, they will all be busy and set up their own homes. As a result, the opportunity to meet will be less and less, but it cannot hinder the heart you want to accompany. We came home together, see parents and grandparents. Although only once a year, they love each other and family reunion is the best picture in the world. We will open our hearts, say our hearts, and we will happily and accompany the loved ones as always in this loving atmosphere!

            Going out to rely on brothers, no friend's life is a failure, it is bleak. The real brothers are helping each other and you come I go for long time. Maybe it's not as intense as family, but it melts you like water. When you are alone and helpless, you can ask them to have a drink and tell your heart; when you are numb, they can give advice to help you. When you are happy, they will bless you with their heart... Nothing is more precious than true friendship, so when the brothers need you, you must do your best. Even if a hug, a word of encouragement, a small amount of strength, they will be moved and will always remember your kindness.

            Loved ones need to spend the rest of your lives to care for, not to love you, but also to accompany. Just like the lyrics: 'As long as everyone gives a little love, this world will be a beautiful tomorrow! ‘If you only touch your mouth, there is no real action. Love became empty talk, and everything seemed pale and powerless without companionship.

                Accompaniment is the longest confession. Although it is not as exciting as sweet words, it is like a sparkling wine! Holding your hand, slowly growing up with your loved ones and getting older...

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