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            pursue dream ? Without fear
            You are the reader Date of publication:2017-04-19 

                I do not remember how long I did not have hands to write some feelings and words. Usually, most of the time, I would directly find someone to speak out. As I had just arrived at ACHR, the new environment of expression channels is narrowing compared to the past that I did not have time to broaden, so there is " pursue dream ? Without fear ".

                ——In 2014, Ma Yun said: “The dream still needs to happen, if it is realized,” then this sentence is popular, but my real understanding and thinking about dreams can be traced back to the period of Stephen Chow Shaolin Football. What he said: "If there is no dream in life, what is the difference with salted fish?" At that time I often silly ask friends, do you have a dream? What is your aspiration? At that time, everyone was very confused. When we were reading, everyone only thought about how to complete my homework, when I would finish class, when I graduated, and then I would find a job, then getting even more confused. When we were really young, we didn’t understand anything. What to want! - At that time, I loved to read novels and I read a favorite passage from the novel: We always grow up, in every day when we look at the setting sun and look up at the stars, at every moment when we are exhausted and insensitive. When you and me met and left. We always use our own hearts to try to devour all the sand in the world, and then we grind out old things and look down on everything, including sickness and death, joy and sorrow. But we tend to ignore everything we have now and one day we will eventually lose it. Therefore, we forgot to cherish and forget to stay and let them hurry away until we found out that things were wrong. - So, this is growing up, never know how to cherish, to know how to cherish, and from get a lot, to lose a lot. From the old meat tenderness, pearls are obtained. - "Literature and art"

                Growing up is actually a process of slowly realizing your dream. However, growing up requires great courage. Courage is used to resist fear. Fear is loss. So you ask yourself what you are afraid of. You really find yourself afraid of losing in “something”, that “thing” is definitely related to your dream, and you will have enough courage to achieve (it, he, you) or guard (it, he, you) with power. This is the dream ? No fear!

                May all the friends who have grown up, who haven’t grown up, grow up, and colleagues, pursue without fear, fly their dreams, and finally share my dreams: love, wealth, openness, pursuit, freedom, and fly.... PS: (Life is full of love, thought and material are rich, there is always open thinking, not to easily give up the pursuit, freedom, want to fly ~!)

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