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            Melaleuca bottom shoes
            You are the reader Date of publication:2017-06-11 

                Whenever I miss the third aunt who has passed away, I will think of the Melaleuca bottomed shoes she made. It was the best and warmest gift I ever had in my childhood, and it was my affection that I should be grateful for and return!

            I remember when I was a kid, and I stepped on the burning ground with bare feet that the two feet were purple like carrots. When I passed by the door of third aunt’s house, she stopped me in pain, gently patted the dirt on my ankles, then took the footbath water, gently wiped the dust left on my feet, and then used vinegar to help me clean up the wound on the foot, then carefully wrap the gauze, and finally put on a pair of freshly made Melaleuca shoes to help me wear. Only say a few words in the whole process, is the foot pain? Is the water temperature right? Do you think it's better to have your shoes fit? Countless, sincere, simple and simple, but full of care and love! I cried bitterly, and you said with distress, "Sorrowful silly boy, don't cry. I'll pack your shoes in the future!" When the voice just fell, she took out two new shoes from the bedroom and put it in my hand. My tears fell on the shoes and splashed. It seemed like I was going to wet my shoes. She handed towels to dry my tears. Although she didn't say anything, it was worth a thousand words.

            After that time, I was not afraid of spring, summer, autumn and winter. I was taller day by day, and my feet are growing day by day. The third aunt will always take my feet with her size, sometimes complaining slightly that my feet are too fast and too big, but never stop doing shoes for me. .

            In 2000, when your first granddaughter came, your life became busier and you would still do the Melaleuca bottom shoes as always. You want me to have enough food and let me eat at your house. In order to repay you, I was free to take care of your granddaughter. Get in touch with third aunt, get to know you gradually and understand you better.

            The third aunt is a specially stubborn and kind-hearted typical rural woman that is knife mouth and bean curd heart. Sometimes I feel scared when she spoke but she never beat me.  She never read a book, but she made life orderly. She was not always willing to spend a penny for herself, but she can spend everything to her children and grandchildren. She never tired, even if the years left behind in her fragile body and left irreparable illness. She never complained, even if all the burden of life is on her.

                One day after school, I saw you wear reading glasses and stitched the sole. You take the needle in your right hand and the sole in your left hand that each needle is carefully and very hard. Each needle eye is neatly arranged like a soldier on the bottom of the shoe. The lines and lines are densely packed that seems to occupy the entire face. Sometimes when the needle does not go down, you will pick up the needle on the gray hair and then pull it down. Sometimes you used the bracelet to pull the needle out. This process requires strength and patience. Your back is sore and full of sweat, but also completely ignores it. It takes about three or four hours to complete a Melaleuca sole.  You never stopped until it was done. Both hands are nephew, wrinkled beyond recognition. Wrinkles fill your face and your hair is white. The setting sun shines on your face like a bodhisattva with aura. I looked at you so far, not close, didn't bother. I know that you are the happiest person at the moment because you are making Melaleuca shoes for your children and grandchildren, including me.

            Since then, I will go home from school as soon as possible to help you bring your granddaughter. By the way, I will help you with household chores. The needles and threads are the most that I have helped you buy. By now, I still remember the price of needlework at that time. Sole is made of old clothes, and only the upper is bought. A Melaleuca bottom shoes, although not costly, is invaluable to me. With it, I no longer have to use barefoot, and more importantly, the love of the third aunt cannot be measured by money.

                In 2003, your second grandchild was born. You have to take care of two naughty grandsons while doing farm work, the burden of life is not ordinary. I have advised you not to do the Melaleuca bottom shoes, but you insist on doing it. You said that your eldest son likes to wear, and it is uncomfortable to wear other shoes, and I also need it. After all, it is a waste of money to pay for shoes. I have to give up because the things you insist on cannot be changed. When I was in junior high school at that time, I came back once a week and almost every time I saw where you sew the soles. Sometimes grandchildren cry, and you have to put down your work to cheer them. Your tired body, bent and humped, seemed tired and could not stand up. When I see this, I will silently tear my eyes and I feel touched.

            For a whole dozen years, you brought two grandsons to the two granddaughters, and you also made hundreds of pairs of shoes. In the end God can't care for you, but he takes you away!

            In the summer of 2008, you left money for your daughter in the melaleuca bottom shoes. On the Spring Festival in 2010, you gave 7-8 pairs of melaleuca bottom shoes to your eldest son who will go to travel. Gave me new pairs of shoes every year... these are your silent love!

            Your life is very tired, but it is very happy. Your life is devoted and you never ask for it. Melaleuca shoes you made that I still cannot bear to wear!

            Third aunt, the Melaleuca shoes that you did is my best shoes! You are the representative of thousands of rural women and the one who loves me the most! I know a thousand words cannot express my feelings for you, let it stay in my heart to live in memory!

            Every year I go home and I will take a closer look at your Melaleuca shoes, feeling that it still retains your tenderness and love. Love my third aunt, and I hope you are in heaven!

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